Kaitiakitanga    -    Collaboration    -    Authenticity    -    Curiosity    -    Tāria te wā

Our Vision

Beyond sustainability.
Green Start

leads and accelerates authentic, transformative,

and regenerative change.


Our Mission

To enable organisations and individuals to drive sustainability through confident and informed decision making and tools. 

Our Values



Guardianship. Resilience through ethical protection.


We believe great ideas can come from anywhere.


Be true – authenticity and honesty are core values.


Stay curious – learning is growth.

Tāria te wā

Long-term thinking: building a better future is a journey.


Our Logo

Coming up with the name for the business was relatively simple - it was a matter of getting to the root of our 'why'.


Enabling organisations to identify their unique vulnerabilities, along with their strengths; and then providing frameworks, experience and expertise to support in the journey to reducing the risk and maximise the opportunities has long been a key interest. These are the elements that can determine a sustainable and therefore, more resilient business. 


The Green Start logo is representative of personal and professional stories: 


The wise owl reflects the imparting of knowledge and for Rebbecca, education and capability building is a passion.


Perhaps you resonate with the belief that an ancestral spirit of a family group can take the form of a Ruru in some Maori tradition known as Hine-ruru, the 'owl woman'. It is believed that these owl spirits can act as kaitiaki or guardians and have the power to protect, warn and advise.


The koru represents the beginning of the journey; or growth... a green start.