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Image by Markus Winkler

The Green Start Certification is a program designed for the doers in the business - and for everyone who wants to understand sustainability but have either found it overwhelming; confusing or simply too hard.

For this course you do not need any prior knowledge; simply access to a computer - the internet and the desire to learn.

Perfect for organisations wanting to upskill and increase in-house efficiencies without spending a fortune in fees and downtime, while creating a common language and knowledge within their business, It is when the spark is struck within the business that REAL action happens, the team identifies the opportunities rather than waiting for instruction.

This program is designed to empower business owners through to the newest apprentice so they have the tools to move their organisations from a reactive position to a proactive one. These courses will provide the tools to enable engagement, confidence and improved collaboration and perhaps most importantly - improve business resilience.

Offering a the option of mixed-mode delivery program (workshop and prodominentby digital delivery) or full virtual the Green Start program is grounded in the four pillars of sustainability: People; Planet; Prosperity and Progress.

Small to medium enterprises are classically absorbed in their day to day business; add the current Covid-19 situation, and there is a further overlay of uncertainty. This can easily result in over-looking the increasingly vital requirements of understanding the current terminology and perhaps even new legislative or market needs.

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