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James Ma 
Innovation Project Manager
Fletcher Building

Rebbecca is wonderful to work with, with an exceptional background in sustainability and change management. Rebbecca is dedicated, self motivated, methodical and very capable. She is reliable and forward-thinking making her an asset for any organisation that she is in.


Alexa Forbes
CapableNZ, Queenstown Lakes District Councillor

Rebbecca's work and work ethics were always impeccable. I often present her work as an exemplar. The Graduate Diploma is a future focused qualification that enables collaboration across many sectors and disciplines.


Rebbecca held her own among the different disciplines within the community and brought huge benefit to others in bringing the corporate perspective to temper more idealistic ones. She challenged herself constantly - both personally and professionally as she strove to get the most out of the learning opportunity she had.  Not least of this was a strong communication strategy designed to unify departments around those opportunities and to encourage more transparent and useful dialogue between producer and consumer.


Susan Blanley 
Membership Executive
New Zealand Green Building Council

Rebbecca has been closely associated with New Zealand Green Building Council since before I joined in 2014. She has been a qualified Green Star practitioner since 2015 and has used her knowledge to ensure Laminex products remain excellent options for Green Star projects. She is a leader in her field and is an active NZGBC member regularly attending events to keep her knowledge of latest sustainability practices up to date. Rebbecca is always an enthusiastic proponent of product sustainability and we often use the product information she created on the Laminex website as a great example of how to describe product sustainability to other product suppliers.​


Sooi Wong
Sourcing Manager

Rebbecca is thorough in her approach and commercially astute in balancing compliance with business requirement.


Katy Glenie
Katy Glenie Consulting

Rebbecca pays attention to detail and brings a deep understanding of business risks and opportunities in the sustainability arena. She brings a relaxed and approachable style to her work. Rebbecca's solutions for businesses are practical and deliver long-term results.


Pramesh Maharaj
Programme Manager
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

I have worked with Rebbecca on behalf of EECA over the last 3 years on energy and carbon reduction opportunities, she is an absolute professional both on operational and strategic levels. Rebbecca will add excellent value to any organisation looking for someone to lead their effort to reduce emissions and save costs.


Julie Wagener
Sustainability Manager
Fletcher Building

Rebbecca was an absolute delight to work with. I found her to be innovative, forward thinking, collaborative and passionate about her work and sustainability. She is extremely knowledgeable but doesn't sit back on her laurels. She seems to be continuously seeking to know more and develop her understanding about emerging trends, issues and solutions. I'd absolutely work with Rebbecca again as she is talented, hardworking and a friendly and supportive person to work with.


Spencer Cooper
Remuera Golf Club 

Rebbecca is friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to which makes environmental processes so much easier to discuss. Her report and feedback was extremely prompt and well prepared. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone. Thanks Rebbecca. 


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